1 Comment Generous Two-Year Grant from the Harden Foundation

ARIEL Theatrical is honored to announce a generous two-year grant award from the Harden Foundation. In addition to the financial support, the Harden Foundation Executive Director, Joe Grainger, offered these encouraging words: “We know that nonprofit organizations in our community will be faced with unforeseen challenges in the coming year(s) as they struggle to maintain services while dealing with a deadly pandemic and a reduction in funding sources. We are dedicated to doing everything we can to support and promote the nonprofit sector in our communities.” 

The Harden Foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations and encouraging partnerships that benefit the residents of Monterey County. ARIEL Theatrical has been providing programs for youth for more than 35 years and is committed to helping young people learn to lead principle-centered lives by practicing Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Leadership, in life and on stage. As ARIEL rebounds from more than a year of pandemic restrictions, the Harden Foundation has stepped up to champion their efforts and support their return to theatre education, performance and outreach. 

Located at 320 Main Street in the beautifully renovated Oldtown neighborhood of Salinas, ARIEL is a resource for the entire community. ARIEL is a safe and nurturing gathering place for young people where engaging programs and family-friendly entertainment take center stage. Visit the ARIEL Theatrical website to learn more about ARIEL’s mission, programs, dedicated staff and board of trustees. www.arieltheatrical.org

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  1. Jewel Maisonneuve says:

    Thank you for supporting Ariel Theater. It is truly a good moral training for the children to learn social interaction and respect and humility and team work . that will spill over into their adult years.

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