The maestro – Barney Hulse – in the glow of the piano light at ARIEL.

“Sunrise, sunset, swiftly fly the years.
One season following another, laden with happiness and tears.”
With great sadness we say good-bye to our friend and musical director, the extraordinary and lovely maestro, Barney Hulse. Barney, who passed away Sunday, September 9, brought music to our stage and patiently brought out the best in us in for more than 30 years.
It is inconceivable to imagine our productions without his brilliant piano accompaniment or our world without his generous and kind spirit. Thank you, Barney, for every beautiful note.
Please check back as we will update this news post with additional thoughts
from ARIEL participants, friends and colleagues.



  1. mike schmitz says:

    A sweet, wonderful guy, the sort of person you know you’re going to like when you first see him.

  2. Ms. Rebecca Rodick says:

    I found out about Mr. Barney Hulse’s passing just a day after it happened from a young man who is currently in an ARIEL production. I was shocked, yet it brought back the memory of meeting Mr. Hulse for the first time, over 20 years ago. I think that was either in the year of 1992 or 1993. Back then, ARIEL Theatrical was working on only one show at a time. We auditioned, in mid-September, were selected, and began rehearsals in a multitude of facilities. I was picked to be the Cabby’s Wife who becomes the first Queen of Narnia, opposite my father, Mr. Miles Rodick (his last play with ARIEL), in The Magician’s Nephew. By October, the whole cast was in Gail Higginbotham’s husband’s dental office, recording all of the music for the show, which was sent to England for copyright permission. I’m not sure, but I think, some or every song that was composed and written for that show were by Mr. Barney Hulse. I remember liking the songs, the tunes and words. I also remember Mr. Hulse as being a very kind and supportive musical director. Fast forward to the year 2015 and I was selected this time to be Fruma Sarah in the production of Fiddler On The Roof. Except for being a little older, Barney had not changed. He was still just as supportive, kind, hard-working, and positive as ever. I found him a joy to work with. I think the best adjective, however, to describe Mr. Hulse is supportive. I felt more confident because he was kind enough to support my efforts to sing better. ARIEL and anyone who has worked with and/or knew him will never be the same. He was individualistic, yet as such a great role model, he taught us how to be a better person in this world, a world which always needs more kind, hard-working, positive, and supportive beings. May he eternally rest in peace and whenever you remember him, may that memory be a blessing. Ms. Rebecca Rodick

  3. Ms. Rebecca Rodick says:

    **Correction: Gail wrote the lyrics (words) and Barney created (composed) the music! What an awesome collaboration! Thanks to both. R.M. R.

  4. Melody Faris says:

    What a wonderful man–Barney Hulse! It was a privilege to know him and to work with him.

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