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We are excited for you to be part of our first-ever-in-the-history-of-the-world online summer workshops!

Please review workshop information below and then complete a Google Form to register. Keep in mind, space is limited so jump online and get your reservation in today! And invite family and friends from other cities, states or even countries to register too! Whether you have a cousin in another state or a friend who moved away, you can do the workshop together! ARIEL can be ANYWHERE now that we are online! We look forward to hearing from you soon!


AGES 5-7

Musical Theatre Fun with Kylee – $34 (Monday-Thursday, June 15-18 at 9-10 am PST) Sing, dance and play with friends and ARIEL’s Beginning Show director, Kylee Sullivan!

ABC Level 1: Acting Basics for Children – $34 (Tuesdays & Thursdays June 23- July 2 @ 9-10 am PST) Learning to act is as easy as 1-2-3! Or, in this class, A-B-C! Instructor Kylee Sullivan will lead the way!

Puppet Planet! – $34 (Mondays & Wednesdays, June 22-July 1 @ 9-10 am PST) Guest instructor Scott Savage will guide participants as they create their own inhabitants of Puppet Planet. Before you know it, these colorful characters will be talking, dancing and maybe even singing some silly songs! Join ARIEL as we blast-off to Puppet Planet!

Dance Time with Diane! – $34 (Tuesdays & Thursdays, July 7-16 @ 9-10 am) Join ARIEL’s resident choreographer and beloved dance teacher, Diane Chatwin, for a workshop that will get kids moving from head to toe! Get up and get moving with Diane!

Lift Up Your Voice and Sing! – $34 (Monday-Thursday, July 20- 23 @ 9-10 am PST) Guest instructor Natalie Savage will get things moving with fun songs and games for little singers. Make music your wake-up call!


AGES 8-12

Singing 101: Vocal Basics for Beginners – $54 (Tuesdays & Thursdays, June 16-July 2 @ 11am-12 pm PST) You’re never too young to learn to sing like a pro and ARIEL’s long-time music director and master choral director, Diana Rosett, will help your voice shine!

ABC Level 2: Acting Basics for Children – $36 (Mondays & Wednesdays, June 22-July 1 @ 1-2 pm PST) Kylee Sullivan will help participants build skills for the stage while creating their very own colorful characters, all from the comfort of their living rooms!

Zoomtastic: The ARIEL Online Theatre Extravaganza – $54 (Mondays & Wednesdays, July 6-22 @ 11am-12pm PST) It’s not like anything we’ve ever done before but we know it’s going to be a blast! Participants will join forces to create a unique story and bring it to life on screen. Your child will be a pioneer as we go where no ARIEL performer has gone before…..into cyberspace! Stephen Massott and Kylee Sullivan will lead the way on this summer adventure!

Take It From the Top: Basic Dance – $36 (Tuesdays & Thursdays, July 14-23 @ 11am-12pm PST) Get up and get moving with guest instructor Natalie Savage. Try out different dance styles and choose your favorite!


AGES 13-18 – TEENS

Singing On Stage (SOS) – $54   (Mondays & Wednesdays, June 15-July 1 @ 11am-12pm PST) Tips and techniques from ARIEL’s long-time music director and master choral director, Diana Rosett, that will expand your range, fine tune your pitch and take your vocal performance to new levels. Let your voice take center stage!

Ace Your Audition – $54 (Monday-Thursday, June 15-18 @1-2:30 pm PST) Auditions are intimidating for everyone. Guest instructor Scott Savage will teach tips and tricks on how to put your best foot forward when it’s your time to shine. And learn how to “want the part you get” when you don’t “get the part you want.”

The Art of Funny: Comedic Acting for Teens – $54 (Tuesdays & Thursdays, June 23-July 2 @ 1-2:30 pm PST) Learn how timing, phrasing and delivery can bring audiences to tears – with laughter! Special guest instructor Scott Savage will help participants find their inner comedian.

From the Inside Out: Comprehensive Script Analysis – $36 (Monday-Thursday, July 6-9 @ 1-2 pm PST) Discover how to read a script from “inside” the words and bring them to life in a way that profoundly affects you, your character and your audience. Workshop will be led by ARIEL Theatrical Founder and Artistic Director, Gail Higginbotham.

Stage Dance: Movement for Musical Theatre – $36 ( Monday-Thursday, July 6-9 @ 2:30-4 pm PST) Guest instructor Natalie Savage will share her extensive knowledge and performance experience with teen participants as they learn skills and techniques that will get them ready to dance like EVERYONE is watching!

Virtually Shakespeare – $99 (Monday-Thursdays, July 13-23 @ 1-2:30 pm) Back by popular demand….with a twist! Shakespeare is going ONLINE! ARIEL Theatrical’s resident Shakespeare expert, Stephen Massott, will take students on a journey back in time as they learn about one of the world’s most famous playwrights. This class would not be complete without a readers’ theatre with sound effects, homemade costumes, and props from your junk drawer! If you love Shakespeare or just want to expand your knowledge, don’t miss this one!

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