Why Become A Cast Member?

What can ARIEL do for your children?

Visions and Values

  1. ARIEL gives young people an opportunity to experience live theatre in an environment that fosters accountability, respect, integrity, excellence and leadership.
  2. ARIEL is about helping young people learn lessons that will enable them to be productive throughout their lives.
  3. ARIEL inspires participants to embrace and practice values and principles that will help them to make the world a better place.
  4. ARIEL participants are valued regardless of individual talent. The ensemble is the priority, not the individual performer, and all participants’ roles are critical to the whole picture and message of the production.

A 2004 study, by the journal Research in Drama Education
found that effective youth theatres employ a delivery style,
method and process that can make an important contribution
to young people’s transition to adulthood.