Once again common sense, hard work and wholesome entertainment are being presented by ARIEL Theatrical at the Wilson Children’s Theater in Old Town Salinas.  On Friday and Saturday, February 12th and 13th, THE LITTLE RED HEN, a barnyard extravaganza featuring 40 enthusiastic young thespians in colorful and imaginative costumes, will fill the theater with song, laughter and lighthearted fun.

The familiar story of THE LITTLE RED HEN provides an opportunity for children and adults to learn lessons about caring and sharing.  Little Red plants the seeds to raise the wheat; then grinds the flour to make the bread.  But most of the animals in the barnyard find excuses why they should not help and sleep the day away. The show demonstrates the importance of individual responsibility and the value of hard work.

Eventually the whole barnyard learns that the best part of life is sharing, working hard and building a community together. When the Rooster and chorus sing, “She’s a spunky little hen who is always happy when she’s helping all the other critters out,” faces glow, hands accentuate the lyric and the audience is sure to hum along!

If you have not taken the opportunity to see an ARIEL production, this is your chance to observe today’s children at their very best.  Once you enjoy the clever action and lively performance of THE LITTLE RED HEN, stop by the box office to pick up your tickets for ARIEL’s production of THE FABULOUS FABLE FACTORY!

Beginning Friday, February 19th and running through Saturday, March 6th, Aloysius A. Aesop and a cast of several dozen versatile actors will provide a journey through several classic fables of western civilization. Watch the City Mouse and the Country Mouse discover the value of home.  Decide if the poor doggie should have kept his bone. See the exciting race between the Tortoise and the Hare. Discover the drama between the farmer and the donkeys, the value of the mouse to the lion. There are lessons and morals in everyday life.  With the help of Aesop it is easy to find them and see their importance.

In the climactic moments of THE FABULOUS FABLE FACTORY, Aesop is joined by the cast in singing, “The time is now, the time to be open to the world around you. Past has flown; future still unknown, now is the moment that has found you.”

The hard working participants at ARIEL are discovering every day the essential message of this lyric.  They are putting their time, energy and dreams into each rehearsal and performance.  They are working to be ready for choices that may come tomorrow by preparing now.  Whether they portray farmers in a barnyard, chicks on a bale of hay, wheels on a magical train, moving gears in a fable machine, mice, lions, pigs or donkeys; they are caught up in the importance of doing their best.

Over the years, it has been a pleasure to see these kids realize great things by taking small steps and growing with each positive experience.  It is possible for anyone to see this transition, to see hope blossom into strong and stalwart action.

At the moment, you may catch this vision of excellence as an ARIEL patron.

The 2010 Season is full of opportunity.  You might sail on a pirate ship to Neverland with Peter Pan, or climb the beanstalk with Jack.  You could help Miss Nelson with her field day or travel the hundred acre wood with Winnie-the-Pooh. Joseph and his brothers find adventure with a coat of many colors and Chicken Little will try to stop the sky from falling!

For the opportunity to see tomorrow’s leaders develop right before your eyes, purchase a 2010 Season Pass which entitles you to see all nine shows performed at the Wilson Children’s Theatre in Old Town, Salinas at a discounted price.

If you are interested in reserving tickets, volunteering, or having someone close to you take advantage of the satisfaction that comes from hard work, community involvement and responsibility, contact ARIEL Theatrical at its home, The Wilson Children’s Theatre 831-775-0976.  Why wait?  “The time is now!  The world is open all around you. Now is the moment that has found you.”

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