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ARIEL Theatrical has begun the long-awaited shift from COVID-driven virtual and online theatre programs to in-person classes and camps with generous grant support from the Pebble Beach Company Foundation. ARIEL is honored to be recognized as a nonprofit that provides opportunities for young people to learn and develop skills, work to accomplish goals, and aim towards excellence in every endeavor.

The Pebble Beach Company Foundation believes that all children in Monterey County deserve an exceptional education and the opportunities that come with it. ARIEL has been providing engaging programs for youth for more than 35 years and is committed to helping young people learn to lead principle-centered lives by practicing Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Leadership, in life and on stage. As ARIEL returns to live programming after more than a year of pandemic restrictions, the Pebble Beach Company Foundation grant award demonstrates the importance of theatre arts in a well-rounded education.

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