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August 20, 2021

Dear ARIEL families,

We are thrilled to have you back in our building!  We are so grateful to once again be with the children, helping them to learn and grow.  As always, their health and safety is of paramount importance. 


ARIEL is committed to observing all relevant state and local requirements. Therefore, to comply with the State Public Health Officer Order of August 11, 2021 for facilities serving children in transitional kindergarten through grade 12, all on-site staff and volunteers must be fully vaccinated.  Asymptomatic unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated staff and volunteers are required to be tested at least once weekly with either PCR testing or antigen testing.  ARIEL must verify proof of vaccination status or negative test results.


Vaccinations/testing are not required of children and youth registered for our programs. However, the universal masking requirement is in place for all staff, volunteers, participants, patrons, and visitors.


We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we navigate these difficult times. Our “I can do hard things” ARIEL motto has taken on dimensions we could never have imagined.



Gail Higginbotham

Gail Higginbotham

Artistic Director

Mike DiFranco

Mike DiFranco

Chair, ARIEL Board of Trustees

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