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    Registration information and complete program details will be coming soon. Stay tuned to the ARIEL website and social media channels for updates!

    The Bear Went Over the Mountain

    Disney’s Frozen Jr.

    Schoolhouse Rock Live!

    Three Piggy Opera


    Disney’s 101 Dalmatians KIDS

    Willy Wonka TYA

    Goldilocks and the Three Bears


    A Christmas Carol

  2. Round Up for Charlotte’s Web at ARIEL Theatrical!

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    Tickets may be purchased online, by phone (831-775-0976), or at the ARIEL box office.


    Friday, September 20 at 7 pm

    Saturday, September 21 at 2 pm & 7 pm

    Friday, September 27 at 7 pm

    Saturday, September 28 at 2 pm & 7 pm

    Celebrating more than 70 years in print, Charlotte’s Web is a classic loved by young and old!

    All of your favorite E.B. White characters are coming to the ARIEL stage: Wilbur, the radiant young pig who is desperately trying to avoid becoming bacon; Fern, the sweet energetic girl who has a special connection with animals; Templeton, the gluttonous wise-cracking rat who produces the occasional good deed; the extraordinary spider, Charlotte, who proves to be a good writer and an even better friend; and all of the other animal friends and townsfolk who witness the strange and “terrific” events at the county fair.

    Join us at The Karen Wilson Children’s Theatre at 320 Main Street, Salinas to see the story unfold.

  3. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! The ARIEL Matchmaker Fundraising Campaign is officially complete!

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    Thanks to our AMAZING community, ARIEL has found its “Perfect Match,” surpassing the original goal A FULL MONTH BEFORE THE DEADLINE, for a GRAND TOTAL of $25,556 in donations!

    This tremendous outpouring of support has prompted our anonymous “Matchmaker” to increase their support. Instead of $20,000 in matching funds, each and every dollar ARIEL received through October 1, 2023 will be matched, as promised! This additional gift transformed our initial $40,000 goal ($20K raised + $20K match) into $51,112 in funding! We would like to sincerely thank our generous “Matchmaker” and the following supporters who contributed to this stellar effort:

    Ken & Mandy Allen

    Nathan & Shawn Anderson

    Berenice Astengo

    Andrea Brown

    Peter Calvert

    Lisa Carmack

    Oran Cogdill

    Deborah Conway

    Bruce & Joanne Crist

    Ediberto Cruz

    Jean Cunha

    Russell & Janice Cureton

    Sarah Dahlen

    Brynie Dau

    Katherine Dixson

    Jill Ellis

    Robert & Tina England

    Charmane Fergason

    David Finkelstein

    Darcy Fowler

    Sara Frieberg

    Mark Gans

    George Garibay

    Natalie Gibson

    Haide Gonzalez

    Tabetha Griffith

    Douglas & Ericka Gutshall

    Tamara Harris

    Maile Harty

    Chris Hasegawa

    Merritt Hawley

    Andrea Hayes

    Jason & Katie Hayward

    Tristyn Hayward

    Michelle Head

    Dan Hurst

    James Jablonski

    Camila Jones

    Kirk Kennedy

    Heather Kirk

    Frank Kragh

    Kathy Kulper

    Eric Larson

    Undine Lauer

    Taryn Lavender

    Alan Liddle

    Juan Lopez

    Belle Lozada

    Lori Mack

    Yoshie Maemura

    David & Jewel Maisonneuve

    Jeff & Diane McGirr

    Mike & Lisa McGirr

    Steve McShane

    Sheryl Merrill

    Audrey Miller

    Joan Miller

    Maci Mollring

    Deanna Montgomery

    Ryan Moore

    Megan Morais

    Carolanne Moreno

    Kiki Mutoh

    Kathleen Nelson

    George Niesen

    Kelly O’Connell

    Paul Omlansky

    Roseann & Bruce Orlebeck

    Tracey Paidl

    Francisco Palacios

    Amy Parolini

    David Perry

    Alli Preece

    Michelle Reyes

    Betty Rosado

    Juan Rosas

    Jennifer Rudisill

    Pamela Sandoval

    Charles Schofield

    Monika Scott

    Elizabeth Silva

    Shaun Smith

    Nancy Smith

    Victor Smith

    Diana Snell

    Kimberly St George

    Kate Stover

    Andrea Strano

    Flora Temple

    Victoria Teraji

    Veronica Torres

    Frank Valenzuela

    Jacqueline Van Nes

    Patty Whitmore

    Blue Zones Project

    Oldtown Salinas Foundation

    Pacific Coast Pediatrics