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    KION 5/46 News visited ARIEL Theatrical for a feature on how ARIEL is navigating the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Elisha Machado, who is no stranger to musical theatre, did a fabulous job sharing our story with the community. If you missed it live on February 10, you can catch it HERE.

    Thank you to KION 5/46, Elisha Machado, and all those (individuals, foundations, businesses) who have contributed in a variety of ways to keep us going through the pandemic. And we are grateful to all of the young people who have been pioneers in our Pandemic Proof Performance Preparation Programs, a.k.a. our virtual theatre programs. We think you are “ZOOMTASTIC!!”

    Click to see our online performances of:

    To Make the World Right Again

    Super Happy Awesome News

    COMING SOON…..”Could You Hug a Cactus?”

    Stay tuned and stay safe! We miss you!!