Board & Staff


Board of trustees

Jacqueline Van Nes - Chair

Bill Ragsdale-Cronin -Vice Chair and Secretary

Robyn L. Chamberlin - Treasurer

Diane Chatwin - Trustee

Michael Georgariou - Trustee

James Goulart - Trustee

Frank Kragh - Trustee

Alan Liddle - Trustee

Jacqueline R. Onciano - Trustee

Ned Powley - Trustee

ARIEL is currently seeking new board members.  If you are interested please contact ARIEL at:
(831) 775-0976.


Gail HigginbothamFounder and Artistic Director

Tish SammonExecutive Director

Duane King - Set Designer / Scene Shop Manager

Diane Caldwell-Demmon - Assistant Artistic Director

Stephen Massott - Production Manager

Ron Willingham - Production Assistant

Elin Dolowich Bookkeeper

Brenda Cisneros - Box Office and Administrative Support

Program Coordinator Position Available